Your Face I My Art

For Dr. Shira Eliav, this is more than just a slogan. It’s her professional outlook!

Our face is who we are. We invest in our hairdos and in our clothes, in our shoes and in our

accessories in order to look like a million dollars! But nothing can hide our faces. Our face is our

calling card. We feel exactly the way we look, which is how the world treats us. We need no

research to prove it. At Dr. Shira Eliav’s clinics we understand that. We do our very best to

ensure you enjoy the finest results, and that’s a promise. At Dr. Shira Eliav’s clinics you will

benefit from the finest ingredients and the most cutting-edge and innovative treatment

techniques in the world, making you be and feel your most beautiful. Because when it comes to

our face, anything less than the best is just not good enough!

Dr. Shira Eliav will make your face light up…

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